Make it: No-sew Fairy Tutu’s

Make it: No-sew Fairy Tutu’s

fairy tutu's

Yesterday was a rainy day. The girls have spent most of the last week or two playing outdoors, enjoying the sunshine. A wet day indoors was the perfect excuse for us to get crafty. The girlies love dressing up, and we have a huge trunk full of dressing up outfits. Baya especially is in love right now with all things princess/fairy at the moment. She has been asking for a new tutu for a while, so…

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Spring Layers


As soon as the sun came back, and spring arrived, I threw off the winter coat and enjoyed the feeling of sun and fresh air on my skin! It’s funny how temperatures that in the autumn leave you reaching for more layers, in the spring find you taking off layers! While we’ve had some lovely sunny days, it’s often still just a little bit chilly. Living in Wales, we’re used to rapidly changing…

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Our weekend in photos

Our weekend in photos


enjoying the sunshine!

Hello! Hope you all had a good Easter weekend! Ours was a fun, relaxing weekend – perfect after a hectic week. My Mum came over on Thursday, it’s always good to have family visit. We enjoyed the sunshine, played in the park, planted some seeds, bought new dolls, played in a different park, ate lots of chocolate, hunted for the Easter eggs that the Easter Bunny hid in our garden, skyped with…

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Things I need to do today + free printable

Things I need to do today + free printable

to-do list

I’m not naturally a very organised person, but, I’ve been trying to work on that. Running a business and homeschooling three kiddos means my to-do lists are never ending and I’m usually trying to do twenty things at once. Lists are my friends. Seriously – if I don’t write it down, it generally doesn’t get done. I try and make a ‘master list’ at the weekend, of all the things that I’d like to get…

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baya 1652
kiki 1652
Lola - 16/52

Baya – I found the easter bunny!
Kiki – Love this face – she’s always happy and up to mischief!
Lola – she’s been volunteering at the musuem all week – perfect place for my history loving girl

Linking up with Jodi

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Illustration Loves

illustration love

one // two // three // four

After having re-decorated most of our house recently, I’ve been on the lookout for a few new prints for my walls. I love having beautiful illustrations all around my house – I just wish I had more wall space so I could add in even more!

These are my favourites at the moment. Number four is actually drawn by my lovely friend Laurenwho also made me my blog header. I…

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Boho Style

bohemian style

It’s funny how our style changes over the years, I used to wear nothing but jeans. Every single day. But over the last few years, they’ve all but disappeared from my wardrobe. Now I’m a dress girl. Give me a pretty, floaty dress or a lacy skirt and I’m happy.

I recently had a good clear out of my wardrobe, taking out a few items that I never wear, and only keeping things that I really love. I…

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Chocolate Orange Raw Balls

Chocolate Orange Raw Balls

choco-orange bites

One of my favourite treats are the Nakd bars, they’re so scrummy especially as they’re made from just fruit and nuts, looking at the packet last time I had one, I realised they’d be pretty straightforward to recreate at home. Because the fruit gives these a high sugar content, I made them into smaller balls rather than a bar, one of these with my tea in the afternoon is a yummy treat without…

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The Vegankind Box

april vegan kind box

Since the new year, I’ve been trying to cut down on the amount of dairy that I have been eating. Namely cheese. We have soya milk and dairy free spread, but cheese is my downfall. I don’t eat meat anyway, so apart from the cheese my diet is almost vegan. I first saw these Vegankind boxes on Instagram, and when they offered me one to review and try out I jumped at the chance.

The VeganKind is the…

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Best apps for busy parents

Best apps for busy parents

iphone case available here

If you’re a parent, you’ll know how busy the day can get. Not only are there lunch boxes to be made, stories to be read and baths to be had, there’s the school run to contend with, parents evenings to attend and extra-curriculum activities that need supporting. It’s non-stop, which is why there are now multiple apps that can help hectic mums and dads get organised.


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