A trip to Kent

A trip to Kent

Last Monday, the girls made what’s become our annual trip down to Kent to visit my sister and her two youngest girls. My three have been eagerly awaiting this trip for weeks, they love having a whole week to play with their cousins. We set off early Monday morning for a long train ride, four trains including a trip across the London Underground later and we arrived.

I love the fact that even…

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Maternity Series – Week 23

Maternity Series – Week 23

Maternity Series - Week Twenty Three

I’m not sure if I have a particularly large bump, but lots of people keep asking me when I’m due… 17 weeks to go and I’m so impatient! I’m still feeling good… tired, but that’s down to a trip away and having run out of my Spatone {ooops}. A few days and I’ll be feeling better I’m sure.

Little Man is getting a lot more active. I can feel him kicking and wriggling much more this past week. He’s…

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lola 34/52

kiki 34/52

baya 34/52

These kiddos had an amazing week down in Kent with their cousins…. come Friday, no-one wanted to come home! A week’s worth of intensive playing left three very tired girlies in need of a lazy weekend. We’re sending Miss Lola off on Guide Camp today – she’ll be away until Thursday, the longest she’s been away from home!

Linking up with Jodi

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Twelve Years

us with baby baya…. terribly we seem to have hardly any photos of the two of us together!

Twelve years ago today, we hoped in a car early in the morning and drove all the way to Scotland. Gretna Green to be precise. We picked a couple of witnesses off the street, a bunch of flowers from the florists and said our ‘I do’s’ in the registry office. We celebrated that night with a bottle of Champagne…

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52 Weeks of Gratitude – Week Sixteen

Baya’s chocolate crispy cakes Afternoon naps when I  really need them! the most gorgeous knitted hat and mittens…

52 Weeks of Gratitude – Week Sixteen

Baya’s chocolate crispy cakes Afternoon naps when I  really need them! the most gorgeous knitted hat and mittens…

What Baya Wore

This little miss is such a cutie…. and she knows it!! Seriously though, she’s a sweet little thing, but can give as good as her sisters dish out. I think she’s excited to be a big sister when the little man makes an appearance – so far she’s told me she’s going to feed him, change him, dress him, put him to bed… looks like I’m going to have an easy time!

She was in need of a new pair of trainers…

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Wyld Wood Cider

Wyld wood Cider

I’m not much of a drinker, but I do like a glass of cider once in a while. It’s also one of the only drinks that both G and I like. Sparkling or still – I don’t mind, especially if it’s chilled on a hot sunny day! Given that I’m pregnant and not drinking for a few months, when the lovely folk at Westons sent us a box full of their delicious cider’s the other week, G’s eyes lit up!

They sent us…

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Newborn Essentials

I shared my Nursery Inspiration board the other day, and I’ve gotten most of the stuff I need for baby’s sleeping space. We were lucky enough to win a travel system a few weeks ago – this fabulous Cosatto Giggle! There are only a few other things I need to pick up….. after three kids, I know what I need/want and don’t, and we’re also not big ‘gadget’ people.

Baby Monitor
We had a basic baby…

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Favourite Educational Apps

While I don’t like the girls having too much screen time, there are certainly benefits to modern technology. We have an android tablet, that has proved very useful – movies and games when we’re away from home travelling, books {far easier than carrying a bag full of books everywhere we go!!} and educational apps. Before we got our tablet, I didn’t really think about the educational benefits, but…

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Camp Bestival 2014 - Review Part Two

Camp Bestival 2014 – Review Part Two

Saturday morning we woke up to rain…. and lots of it. Baya and I managed a quick loo run just before 8am when it was still drizzling, no sooner had we got back to the tent, than it started to rain heavily. We ate cereal and did some colouring and reading, and kept our fingers crossed it would stop. Thankfully it did after about an hour and a half… I was getting a little worried about the tent…

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