Boho Style

bohemian style

It’s funny how our style changes over the years, I used to wear nothing but jeans. Every single day. But over the last few years, they’ve all but disappeared from my wardrobe. Now I’m a dress girl. Give me a pretty, floaty dress or a lacy skirt and I’m happy.

I recently had a good clear out of my wardrobe, taking out a few items that I never wear, and only keeping things that I really love. I…

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Chocolate Orange Raw Balls

Chocolate Orange Raw Balls

choco-orange bites

One of my favourite treats are the Nakd bars, they’re so scrummy especially as they’re made from just fruit and nuts, looking at the packet last time I had one, I realised they’d be pretty straightforward to recreate at home. Because the fruit gives these a high sugar content, I made them into smaller balls rather than a bar, one of these with my tea in the afternoon is a yummy treat without…

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The Vegankind Box

april vegan kind box

Since the new year, I’ve been trying to cut down on the amount of dairy that I have been eating. Namely cheese. We have soya milk and dairy free spread, but cheese is my downfall. I don’t eat meat anyway, so apart from the cheese my diet is almost vegan. I first saw these Vegankind boxes on Instagram, and when they offered me one to review and try out I jumped at the chance.

The VeganKind is the…

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Best apps for busy parents

Best apps for busy parents

iphone case available here

If you’re a parent, you’ll know how busy the day can get. Not only are there lunch boxes to be made, stories to be read and baths to be had, there’s the school run to contend with, parents evenings to attend and extra-curriculum activities that need supporting. It’s non-stop, which is why there are now multiple apps that can help hectic mums and dads get organised.


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Around Here

Baya and Frozen Dolls
Baya getting ready to go watch Frozen – with her Hans, Elsa and Anna dolls ˆˆ

This weekend was just a normal one, at home for us. The girls had gym classes on Saturday afternoon. I always like those two hours – it’s the only time I can sit down for two full hours in the week and not feel I should be doing something! I usually read or chat with the my friend if she’s there.

On Sunday we took…

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What They Wore

Baya new shoes

With four ladies in this house, you can well imagine how many shoes we have!! There are no such things as too many shoes though, so when lovely folk at shoezoneoffered us a voucher to go shoe shopping we were very excited! Kiddos feet grow so quickly that it seems we are always buying someone new shoes. As it’s finally time to kick off the winter boots and let our feet get some air, we went to…

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Season’s Eating Giveaway

Season’s Eating Giveaway

You might remember the Feathering the Nest giveaway I offered a few weeks ago, today Leah is back with another of her ventures that she would like to share with you! I’m really excited to take part in this one – family mealtime is really important to us, and something we’ve practiced since our girls were babies. I’m excited to pick up some new meal ideas and ideas from the community. I’ll hand…

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baya 1552

kiki 1552

lola 1552

Baya – We found a worm when we moved a plant pot, she asked to put it in the pot so it didn’t get eaten, and then cried because she would miss it! This is her waving goodbye to ‘wormie’. I guess it’s hard being five!

Kiki – She found this dress in a charity shop the other day and always has the craziest bed head ever!

Lola – This girl is rarely without a book in her hands.

Linking up with Jodi

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Childrens watches from The Watch Hut

Childrens watches from The Watch Hut

the watch hut
one // two // three // four // five

I’ve been looking at children’s watches recently, my littlest two are really interested in the time, and what time things happen at. We’ve been practising telling the time, and working out what time it is. For little ones who are just learning to tell the time, I think it’s really important to that they learn first on a analogue watch rather than a digital.


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Spring Picnics

spring picnic
image source

How perfect does that picture look?! One of my favourite things about spring, is that we can start going on picnics again. Well, we’ve been known to have a picnic in the midst of winter, a thermos of hot soup is perfect to warm you up in the middle of a long winters walk! It’s not quite the same though is it?! I love picnics, packing up lots of delicious foods, some blankets,…

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